2019 - 2020



AB 30 – College and Career Access Pathways Partnerships

  • Ensures that dual enrollment opportunities remain available to high school and community college students.

AB 982 – Homework Assignment for Suspended Students

  • Requires teachers to provide suspended students access to their homework.

AB 1097 – High School Credit Recovery Participation

  • Requires the Department of Education to include high school credit recovery participation as a local indicator on the California School Dashboard.

AB 1075 – Speech-Language Pathologist Programs

  • Increases funding for speech-language pathologist programs at California State Universities.


AB 533 – Water Efficiency Rebate Tax Exclusion

  • Incentivizes participation in water efficiency and storm water runoff improvement programs.

AB 755 – Stormwater Treatment Funding

  • Creates the Stormwater Permit Compliance Fund to offer competitive grants for statewide and regional projects and programs that address the effect of metals and contaminants in water.

AB 1328 – Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells

  • Requires idle and abandoned oil and gas wells to test for atmospheric emissions of hydrocarbon pollutants and to publically disclose the results.


AB 29 – 710 Freeway

  • Removes portion of 710 freeway between the 10 and 210 freeways from the California Freeway and Expressway System.

AB 892 – Transfers of Real Property

  • Clarifies terminology and conforms language to align to modern real estate practices while maintaining consumer protections.

AB 1226 – State Highways: Property Leases.

  • Authorizes CalTrans’ right to lease airspace below, around, and above CalTrans land statewide, including airspace around freeways and highways, to ease the construction of emergency shelters and feeding programs in areas eligible for development.

AB 1543 – Transportation Passes

  • Allows a transit agency to consider a discounted ride as a full fare ride in the fare box recovery ratio calculations. This bill will bolster widely popular reduced fare transit pass programs.


AB 837 – Peace Officer Training

  • Requires local law enforcement to take refresher courses on handling hate crimes.

AB 1497 – Hosting Platforms

  • Subjects Airbnb and other rental platform hosts to anti-discrimination laws.

AB 914 – Medi-Cal Inmate Eligibility

  • Ends the termination of Medi-Cal benefits for inmates and will instead suspend their benefit and reevaluate them on a yearly basis.

AB 1573 – Student Athlete Bill of Rights

  • Requires colleges, universities, and college athletic organizations to provide college athletes protection for their physical, emotional, financial, and academic wellbeing. 

AB 1608 – Background Checks at Community Care Facilities

  • Creates a fair chance for people with arrest and conviction records to access caregiving and other jobs governed by the Department of Social Services (DSS). 


AB 669 – Attorney General: Assurance of Voluntary Compliance

  • Authorizes the Attorney General to use a streamlined settlement process to quickly accept an assurance of voluntary compliance to resolve a consumer protection case an action brought in the name of the people of California.

AB 1540 – Music Therapy

  • Allows only a person with specified education and clinical training requirements to call themselves a “board certified music therapist.”