Mt. Baldy Wildfire Town Hall


Mt. Baldy Joint Elementary School
1 Mt. Baldy Rd
Mt. Baldy, CA 91759
United States

Please join me, and your neighbors, for a Wildfire Town Hall on Saturday, April 27 at the Mt. Baldy Joint Elementary School. 

The biological diversity of the San Gabriel Valley, especially Mt. Baldy, makes it one of the most alluring places to live in Los Angeles County. Unfortunately, the region is severely prone to destructive wildfires with limited escape routes. That's why I am bringing experts to discuss:

  • How residents can protect their homes from wildfires.
  • How to navigate fire insurance.
  • How to be prepared for evacuation.

Our expert panelists include:

  • Daryl Osby, Fire Chief for the Los Angeles County Fire Department
  • Donald W. Trapp, Interim Fire Chief for the San Bernardino Fire Department
  • Representative from the California Office of Emergency Services
  • Representative from the California Department of Insurance