AB 15 – Human Rights

  • Ensures justice for victims of Human Rights abuses by expanding the statute of limitations on these cases to ten years.

AB 173 - City of La Verne Golf Carts

  • Extends the exemption and allows City of La Verne residents to drive golf carts on city streets. (signed and chaptered)

AB 220 – Algebra Requirement Reform

  • Updates the Algebra I high school graduation requirement and ensures students meet the mathematics high school graduation requirement. (signed and chaptered)

AB 265 – Buy Here, Pay Here Auto Loans

  • This is a consumer protection bill that provides used-car buyers additional safeguards by requiring buy-here-pay-here dealerships to give a 10-day written notice before using a starter-interruption device to disable a vehicle. (signed and chaptered)

AB 562 Elections – Ballots

  • AB 562 prioritizes the election of our state education leader (Superintendent of Public Instruction) by moving this position alongside other statewide elected officers on the election ballots.

AB 915 – Public Employee Travel Restriction – Cutting Through Red Tape

  • Removes archaic travel restrictions on school employees who are on worker’s compensation by allowing them to leave the state without getting prior permission. (signed and chaptered)

AB 1077 – Mutual Water Companies

  • Strengthens the Mutual Water Company Open Meeting Act by requiring all shareholders to be guaranteed the right to teleconference into any meeting and prohibiting the Mutual Water Company’s Board from meeting exclusively in executive session.

AB 1097 – Electronic Contracting

  • Electronic contracts can now offer consumer protection measures that exceed those of traditional paper contracts.

AB 1162 -- Tobacco Prevention Treatments

  • Confirms that smoking cessation treatments are covered benefits under Medi-Cal and provides counseling for approved medications for up to 90 days.

AB 1279 – Music Therapy Act

  • Ensures music therapy is provided by individuals who meet established education, clinical training and credential qualifications. Additionally, this bill defines safe and consistent music therapy practices and qualifications.

AB 1293 PERS

  • Prohibits state departments from laying-off civil service employees and creating emergency staffing situations that have to be filled by an alternative or temporary workforce.  This bill would also prohibit departments from using pre-existing contracts to fill positions that have been created by layoffs.

AB 1378 -- Senior Homeowner Property Tax Relief

  • Ensures both property owners in a recognized partnership are entitled to the base tax transfer. Currently, California seniors over 55 and disabled adults are permitted to transfer the assessed value of their present home to a new home – but only one spouse or partner can claim the tax transfer. This bill allows an exemption for each partner/spouse.