Governor Signs Assembly Majority Leader Holden’s Bill to Remove Travel Restrictions on Public School Employees (AB 915)

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sacramento – Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law Assemblymember Chris Holden’s bill (AB 915) to remove outdated travel restrictions on public school employees.

Existing law prohibits classified and certificated employees, who are on leave, and receiving workers’ compensation, from traveling outside the state unless the governing board approves the travel. AB 915 repeals that prohibition for K-12 and community college employees.

“Circumstances may come up when an employee must travel outside the state to visit sick relatives, attend to emergency situations, or to take care of emergency child care needs. School boards may not have sufficient time to call a meeting to approve the travel.  AB 915 will align the Education Code with the Labor Code and remove unfair practices against school employees,” said Assemblymember Holden.

This bill received overwhelming bi-partisan support in both Assembly and Senate.

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