Assemblymember Chris Holden’s 2016 Bills Continue to Advance in Legislature

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sacramento, CA – Assemblymember Chris Holden’s bills to strengthen the Talent Agency Scam Prevention Act, AB 2068; protect wildlife, AB 2148; and provide affordable housing, AB 2442, passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee. The legislation now heads to the floor and may be voted on as early as next week.

AB 2442 allows housing developers to obtain multiple density bonuses from local government if the housing development sets aside ten percent for former foster youth, disabled veterans, or formerly homeless individuals. A multiple density bonus is a zoning tool that enables developers to build more units than normally allowed. AB 2442 expands state law relating to multiple density bonuses as a tool to address rising housing costs and a subsequent lack of reliable, affordable housing that plagues Californian’s most vulnerable populations.

AB 2068 strengthens the Talent Scam Prevention Act by expanding the list of communication forms that can be regulated such as online and computer applications. There are nearly 500 talent agencies registered within Los Angeles County, ranging from large powerhouses to smaller companies.  Although most registered talent agencies are legitimate, it is often the smaller, unlicensed talent agencies that charge upfront fees or refuse to remove content at the request of a client.

AB 2148 provides the National Resources Agency the ability to develop regulations regarding drone use on publically managed lands. Recent incidents have shown that drone use in close proximity to wildlife can have serious impacts. AB 2148 strives to create a cohesive, statewide system of rules governing the use of unmanned drones on public lands. The regulations can include conditional use or outright prohibitions when necessary to protect the safety of wildlife, natural habitats or visitors.