Assembly Majority Leader Holden’s Statement on Governor’s 2015-16 Proposed Budget

Friday, January 9, 2015

Pasadena - “I echo the Governor Brown’s sentiment that ‘self-discipline and real prudence’ are essential to keep our budget balanced and maintain the progress California has seen in the past few years. I thank the Governor for his leadership on the Rainy Day Fund and for following through on his promises to voters by saving $2.4 billion for future economic downturns.

This budget includes big gains for public education.  I am very pleased to see $7.8 billion in new funding for K-12 education and California’s community colleges. Although I had hoped the Governor would be able to give the University of California a larger budget increase, $120 million in additional funding is significant. The Cal State University system will get a similar amount. I remain committed to making college more affordable.

As a former mayor and city councilmember I am pleased to see Governor Brown paying back $533 million to local governments. This money will have a direct benefit to all Californians by improving local services and ensuring local governments can meet their obligations.

And, after years of neglect I am glad that Governor Brown is now willing to have a conversation about reinvesting in our state’s infrastructure. I stand ready, willing and able to have that conversation with the Governor and my Legislative colleagues and draft a workable infrastructure plan to rebuild California’s infrastructure, create jobs and put California’s economy on track for sustained growth.

The Governor’s proposed budget puts California on solid ground to continue to build up reserves while investing in a growing economy.  I look forward to working with the Governor and the Assembly to produce a workable budget.”