Assemblymember Chris Holden’s New Golf Cart Legislation Passes Assembly Floor

Thursday, April 7, 2016

La Verne, CA – Assemblymember Chris Holden’s new golf cart legislation for the City of La Verne, AB 2073, passed the Assembly House Floor today 74-0. The bill adds a technical change to last year’s AB 173 (Holden) to allow the City of La Verne, and associated universities and retirement communities, to continue to permit the limited use of utility style golf carts and shuttle style vehicles on public roadways.

Golf carts have been a preferred method of transportation within the City of La Verne for nearly 40 years, but were threatened some years back when city officials discovered they were probably illegal on the city’s narrow streets. In 2009, they were given a temporary reprieve by the state legislature that extended legal use of golf carts to 2016 and exempted La Verne from having to construct separate golf cart lanes. In 2015, Holden passed AB 173 that eliminated the “sunset” date. AB 2073 ensures that all golf cart style vehicles be included in the state exemption for the City of La Verne.

“For decades, the University of La Verne and the Hillcrest Retirement community have used golf cart-style electric vehicles to provide maintenance and security services between their respective facilities.” said Holden. “I am proud to serve a community as unique as La Verne and help maintain the standard of living for the students and seniors.”

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