Assemblymember Holden Scores Key Legislative Victories

Friday, September 13, 2013

Domestic Violence * Choose California*Small Business Loan Guarantee*Tax Break for Military

Sacramento – As we near the end of my first legislative session representing Assembly District 41, I am very pleased that eight of my bills have been approved in the Assembly and Senate.

Two of them – Assembly Bill (AB) 72 and Assembly Bill (AB) 139 – have already been signed into law by Governor Brown and the others are on his desk awaiting signature.

AB 72 – Water District Directors is a good-government bill that shortens the lame-duck period for outgoing municipal water district directors and permits water districts to proceed to new business in a timely manner.

AB 139 – Domestic Violence Fees  helps to make resources available to women and children fleeing violent situations by strengthening penalties that abusers are required to pay to ensure more funding for Domestic Violence Shelters.

AB 143 – Military Use Tax Exemption  gives active duty military personnel a tax break when they are transferred into California by exempting them from paying “use tax” on items such as computers or furniture. 

AB 199 – Choose California Act  boosts California’s agricultural economy by requiring state agencies, such as prisons, public schools and hospitals to give California agriculture producers priority when purchasing food products if the costs are same or less than out-of-state businesses.  

AB 201 – Small Business Loan Guarantee Program  helps small businesses by making the program more accessible and user friendly. It requires the Office of Small Business Advocate to include on its website information on the Small Business Loan Guarantee Program, including loan guarantees, direct lending, surety bond guarantees, and disaster loans.  

AB 250 – iHUB expands on the state’s iHub innovation network by creating economic opportunities for pioneering start-up companies. AB 250 puts California in a position to cultivate and incubate young companies that are developing new technologies that will promote conservation and other public policy goals

AB 359 – Airport Rental Agreement is a consumer protection bill that will increase public transparency of airport infrastructure financing while streamlining state regulations in order to save local taxpayers thousands of dollars.

AB 630 – Architects safeguards an architect’s work, such as architectural drawings or plans, by clarifying that a person can only use the plans or drawings if they have written permission.

I am also principal co-author on the following legislation:

SB 416 (Liu) 710 Corridor Surplus Property Sales  ensures the timely sale of surplus homes currently owned by Caltrans in the now-obsolete 710 Corridor. This bill is a critical firststep to restoring peace and security to neighborhoods long threatened by Caltrans’ poor property management and an ill-advised surface extension of the 710.