Holden’s Landmark Bill To Protect Architects’ Work Is Approved In The State Legislature

Friday, September 6, 2013

Sacramento:  The State Legislature today gave final approval to Assemblymember Chris Holden’s (D-Pasadena) bill to end disputes over architects’ designs. The Assembly voted 75 to 0 on amendments taken earlier in the Senate. AB 630 now goes to Governor Brown for signature.

AB 630 safeguards an architect’s work such as architectural drawings or plans, by clarifying that a person can only use the plans or drawings if they have written permission. Architects currently face a challenge preventing those who are not authorized to use their work from using it again and again.

“Architects show the pride they have in each design by copyrighting plans,” explained Assemblymember Holden. “It is my goal to ensure every architect receives his or her due and can ensure their vision is executed properly. Misunderstandings about who can use an architect’s work have resulted in lawsuits.  AB 630 should help to resolve these disputes before they end up in court.”

“AB 630 helps consumers understand when they are able to use the services prepared by an architect. The American Institute of Architects, California Council appreciates Assembly Member Holden's leadership in successfully shepherding this important bill through the Legislature,” said Mark Christian, Director of Legislative Affairs.

Just like a piece of music or literature, plans created by an architect are copyrighted because these plans become functional works of art. Whether it is a landmark like the Walt Disney Concert Hall or a common office building, the architect should know who is constructing his or her design and ensure it is being done correctly.

AB 630 has received unanimous, bi-partisan support throughout the legislative process. Earlier this week it was approved in the Senate. The bill is backed by the American Institute of Architects, California Council and the California Architects Board.