Holden Names Local Activist And Author: Woman Of The Year

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sacramento – Assemblymember Chris Holden honored South Pasadena human rights activist Kay Mouradian as his “Woman of the Year” during the Women’s History Month celebration at the state Capitol.

Assemblymember Holden recognized professor Mouradian for her efforts to raise awareness of the Armenian Genocide. Mouradian has written and co-produced the book and documentary film, My Mother’s Voice, a poignant story of her mother who at age fourteen was one of the millions of Armenians forced to leave their homes in Turkey during the Armenian Genocide.

“It is my great pleasure to honor Dr.Mouradian for her grassroots efforts to educate us about the historical events of the Armenian Genocide,” said Holden.  “Recognizing the Armenian Genocide and crimes against humanity through her personal story, reminds us that such activism makes a powerful impact.” 

After a “roots” trip to her mother’s village in Turkey, she traveled across the deportation route where her mother’s convoy was forced to walk hundreds of miles into the deserts of Syria. My Mother’s Voice is the story of that injustice.
Because of the suffering endured by her mother and her family during the Armenian Genocide, the film is very effective. Dr. Mouradian’s mission is to make genocide studies a part of high school and college course of study.