Assemblymember Chris Holden Congratulates Caltech on $750 Million Pledge From Stewart and Lynda Resnick

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Pasadena, CA – Assemblymember Chris Holden congratulates Caltech for receiving their $750 million pledge from Stewart and Lynda Resnick that will support cutting-edge research into the most pressing challenges in environmental sustainability.

“We should all be thrilled about the $750 million pledge to Caltech because these funds will be used to find solutions that will save our planet,” said Assemblymember Chris Holden, Chair for the California State Assembly Committee on Utilities and Energy. “The research done at Caltech has a direct impact on our state and can help inform our policy decisions in Sacramento.”

Holden has recently formed dialogue with Caltech through a series of meetings to stay connected with the latest technological advancement and world experts on the most pressing utilities and energy issues. Their discussions primarily focuses on climate change and using the latest technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance renewable energy production, and mitigate climate change to achieve California’s climate goals.

“I have the fortune to turn to this group of scholars to discuss energy and utility issues that come before the Assembly Utilities and Energy Committee” said Holden.