CLBC on Shootings of Unarmed Black Men: This Has to Stop!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

(Sacramento) – Standing among photos of young unarmed men killed by law enforcement, members of the California Legislative Black Caucus (CLBC) denounced the escalating violence against men of color by law enforcement and committed themselves to pursuing tangible policies that address this issue in California, including the increased militarization of police departments across the state. Assemblymember Chris Holden (D-Pasadena) said, “Young, black, unarmed men are dying at a disproportionate rate whenever there is an interaction with law enforcement. CLBC members agreed that they need to explore the increased acquisition of military style equipment, including tanks, for use in towns and cities as a means of deescalating incidents between law enforcement and members of communities of color. Here’s more in this Assembly Access video.