Assemblymember Holden’s Bill to Boost California Agriculture Approved in Assembly – Moves to Senate

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sacramento – The Assembly today approved Assemblymember Chris Holden’s (D-Pasadena) legislation to promote California livestock, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

Under Holden’s AB 199 Choose California Act, state agencies, public schools districts and public colleges would be encouraged to give California agriculture producers priority when purchasing food products.

“This bill would help introduce more Californians to the amazing variety of agricultural products grown in the state and help them develop the healthy habit of seeking out nutritious, affordable California-grown foods, which will have long-term benefits to farmers and the agricultural economy,” stated Assemblymember Holden.

According to the Department of Food & Agriculture, California is the number one state in agricultural output with farms and ranches earning a record $43 billion last year.

AB 199 passed on a vote of  70 to 0. Earlier in the session the measure was approved by the Assembly Accountability and Administrative Review Committee and the Assembly Agriculture Committee. It now moves to the Senate. 

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