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2021 Legislation

Signed Bills And/or Chaptered

AB 26 – Duty to Intervene
Establishes clear guidelines for police responsibility and accountability when witnessing excessive force by another member of law enforcement.

AB 229 – Private Security Use of Force
Establishes use of force trainings for private patrol operators.

AB 948 – Real Estate Appraisals
Addresses discrimination in the real estate appraisal process.

AB 100 – Lead Free Faucets
Limits amount of lead leaching from drinking water faucets and fixtures.

AB 242 – California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) reports
consolidates three overlapping California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) reports on energy and electricity efficiency programs and outcomes into one comprehensive report due every three years.

AB 1297 – IBank
Clarifies application of the term “housing” in the Bergeson-Peace Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank Act (IBank Act).

ACR 41 – Recognizing Intellectual Development Disability Service Providers
Recognizes the skills and dedication of direct support professionals who have served Californians with intellectual and developmental disabilities during the COVID-19 public health crises.

ACR 39 – Roxie’s Wish: Drowning Prevention for Children Week
Memorializes the third week of May for raising awareness about the drowning risks faced by children.

Vetoed Bills

AB 105 – Upward Mobility Act
Removes barriers to upward mobility in California’s civil service system, and diversifies our State Boards and Commissions.

Active Bills

AB 1019 – Stop Investment in Turkey Act
Mandates California to stop all new investments issued or owned by the Government of Turkey.

AB 512 – 710 North Corridor Vacant Land
Facilitates new affordable housing on vacant land owned by Caltrans in the 710 North Corridor.

Held Bills

AB 102 – Dual Enrollment
Eliminates the 2027 sunset date for College and Career Access Pathways (Dual Enrollment) and expands access to students in the juvenile justice system.

AB 112 – Inmate Medi-Cal Eligibility
Helps incarcerated individuals access their Medi-Cal benefits immediately upon release.

AB 121 – Pet Adoption for Activity Duty Military
Waives the pet adoption fee for active duty military service members.

AB 349 – Department of Transportation Public Contracts
Improves state outreach to small business and disadvantaged business enterprises.

AB 641 – Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
Requires each publicly owned electric utility to develop a transportation electrification plan.

AB 677 – Department of Social Occupational Clearances
Collects data to evaluate whether people with arrest and conviction records have a fair chance to access caregiving and other jobs governed by the Department of Social Services (DSS).  

AB 285 – School Nurse at California Department of Education
Creates a state school nurse consultant within the California Department of Education. (Incorporated into Budget)

AB 676 – Franchises
Prevents franchisors from coercing franchisees to take on all liability in exchange for financial support in a pandemic, and other changes, to address inequity in the franchisor-franchisee relationship.

AB 768 – Drowning Prevention
Provides critical updates to California’s pool and open water safety programs.

AB 840 – Gold Line
Establishes coordination between local agencies with a goal to increase transit options to international airports.

AB 895 – Assisted Living
Increases transparency for consumers of Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE).

AB 1156 – Executive Compensation
Retains CPUC oversight of electric investor-owned utilities’ executive compensation structure, and ensure public transparency is maintained for such review.