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2019 - 2020 Legislation



Social Justice

AB 1022 – Duty to Intervene
Establishes clear guidelines for police accountability and responsibility while demonstrating a duty to intervene and report when witnessing excessive force by another member of law enforcement.  It also prohibits an officer from training other officers for a one year period if an abuse of force complaint is substantiated, disqualifies a person from holding office as a peace officer if they were found to have either used excessive force or failed to intercede.

AB 979 – Diversity on Corporate Boards
Requires that each publicly held corporation headquartered in California to have at least one director from an underrepresented community by the close of 2021.


AB 2983 – Pharmacy provider: billing
Prohibits pharmacies from automatically requesting prescription refills for more than 30 days for patients that are not enrolled in automatic refill programs. It would also prohibit pharmacies from recommending a change in refills. This would prevent companies from giving seeking a number of refills beyond what is medically safe and disincentives companies that rely on many future refills to increase their profits.

AB 1994 – Medi-Cal Eligibility
requires that incarcerated eligible juveniles have their Medi-Cal benefits suspended, not terminated, until they are released so they do not need to reapply for Medi-Cal upon release and assure continuity of care.

Environmental Justice

AB 2060 – Drinking water: pipes and fittings: lead content
Ensures that faucets and plumbing fixtures sold in California leach as little lead as possible, both during a faucet’s curing process, and on a regular basis.


Student Athletes

AB 2584 – Student athletes: transfer
Prohibits an institution of higher education from upholding any rule, requirement, standard or other limitation that prohibits a student athlete who transfers to that institution from participating in intercollegiate athletic competition immediately upon the students transfer.

AB 3289 – Student athletes: Student Athlete Bill of Rights
Requires institutions of higher education to establish post-degree completion funds for intercollegiate athletes and creates requirements and protects for students receiving those funds.

Health/ Human Services

AB 2648 – Speech language pathologists
Authorizes a speech-language pathologist to perform fiber optic transnasal endoscopic procedures at a location based on the patient’s medical needs under a physician’s supervision which reflects the most recent delivery of medical services.

AB 2024 – Developmental disabilities: provider rates
Provides a remedy for the faulty SB 3 linked minimum wage rate adjustment process for DDS funded services that has barred providers in California’s highest cost areas from accessing urgently needed adjustments.


AB 2019 – Pupil instruction: College and Career Access Pathways partnerships: county offices of education
Ensures that students in juvenile court schools can participate in College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) dual enrollment (high school and community college) opportunities, by adding county offices of education to the current law (EDC 76004) governing CCAP.


AB 2707 – Affordable Housing Application
Creates a portal where developers can easily apply for funding and requires the California State Treasurer, Housing and Community Development Department and other relevant entities to work together to make the minimum qualifications to receive funding for affordable housing projects the same.


AB 2672 – California Franchise Relations Act
This proposal would make minor technical changes to 2015 AB-525 which clarify the intent of the law.

AB 2780 – Civil actions: human rights violations
Prohibits state trust funds from being invested in business owned by the countries of Turkey or Azerbaijan or financial institutions that engage in discriminatory business practices in Turkey or Azerbaijan due to their economic blockade of Armenia.


AB 2176 - Free student transit passes: eligibility for state funding
Creates a free student transit pass program for all public high school and public college students across the state.

AB 2011 – West San Bernardino County Rail Construction Authority
Creates the West San Bernardino County Rail Construction Authority which will oversee construction of light rail access to the Ontario Airport.

Utilities and Energy

AB 2067 – Public Utilities Commission: balancing accounts: reviews and audits
Revises the audit procedures associated with public utilities. It looks to audit public utilities’ account balances’ based on year-end balances rather than quarterly.

AB 2945 – Public Utilities Commission
Consolidates three CPUC reports in a single report and, in doing so, increasing the frequency with which certain energy efficiency information is reported. This report will include specific strategies for maximizing the contribution of energy and electricity savings in disadvantaged communities.


AB 2562 – California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act: empty beverage container redemption
Eliminates the $100 daily fee paid by grocers in unserved zones that exempts them from the responsibility of redeeming CRV bottles and cans and instead penalizes them for non-redemption.



AB 30 – College and Career Access Pathways Partnerships
Ensures that dual enrollment opportunities remain available to high school and community college students. (Signed by Governor)

AB 982 – Homework Assignment for Suspended Students
Requires teachers to provide suspended students access to their homework. (Signed by Governor)

AB 1097 – High School Credit Recovery Participation
Provides much needed transparency around credit recovery programs in California. (Signed by Governor)

AB 1075 – Speech-Language Pathologist Programs
Increases funding for speech-language pathologist programs at California State Universities. (Incorporated into State Budget)


AB 29 – 710 Freeway
Removes portion of 710 freeway between the 10 and 210 freeways from the California Freeway and Expressway System. (Signed by Governor)

AB 892 – Transfers of Real Property
Clarifies terminology and conforms language to align to modern real estate practices while maintaining consumer protections. (Signed by Governor)

AB 1226 – State Highways: Property Leases.
Authorizes CalTrans’ right to lease airspace below, around, and above CalTrans land statewide, including airspace around freeways and highways, to ease the construction of emergency shelters and feeding programs in areas eligible for development. (Held in Senate Appropriations Committee)

AB 1543 – Transportation Passes
Allows a transit agency to consider a discounted ride as a full fare ride in the fare box recovery ratio calculations. This bill will bolster widely popular reduced fare transit pass programs. (Assembly Transportation Committee, two year bill)


AB 533 – Water Efficiency Rebate Tax Exclusion
Incentivizes participation in water efficiency and storm water runoff improvement programs. (Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 755 – Stormwater Treatment Funding
Creates the Stormwater Permit Compliance Fund to offer competitive grants for statewide and regional projects and programs that address the effect of metals and contaminants in water. (Assembly Floor, two year bill)

AB 1328 – Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells
Requires idle and abandoned oil and gas wells to test for atmospheric emissions of hydrocarbon pollutants and to publically disclose the results. (Signed by Governor)

Social Justice

AB 837 – Peace Officer Training
Requires local law enforcement to take refresher courses on handling hate crimes. (Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 1497 – Hosting Platforms
Subjects Airbnb and other rental platform hosts to anti-discrimination laws. (Signed by Governor)

AB 914 – Medi-Cal Inmate Eligibility
Ends the termination of Medi-Cal benefits for inmates and will instead suspend their benefit and re-evaluate them on a yearly basis. (Vetoed by Governor)

AB 1573 – College Athlete Civil Rights Act
Requires colleges, universities, and college athletic organizations to provide college athletes protection for their physical, emotional, financial, and academic wellbeing. Allows colleges to create degree completion fund. (Signed by Governor)

AB 1608 – Background Checks at Community Care Facilities
Creates a fair chance for people with arrest and conviction records to access caregiving and other jobs governed by the Department of Social Services (DSS). (Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 392 – Use of Force by Peace Officers (Co-author)
Makes clear that police officers should only use deadly force when necessary. (Signed by Governor)

Consumer Protection

AB 669 – Attorney General: Assurance of Voluntary Compliance
Authorizes the Attorney General to use a streamlined settlement process to quickly accept an assurance of voluntary compliance to resolve a consumer protection case an action brought in the name of the people of California. (Signed by Governor)

AB 1540 – Music Therapy
Allows only a person with specified education and clinical training requirements to call themselves a “board certified music therapist.” (Signed by Governor)


AB 1054 – Public Utilities and Wildfires
Increases safety requirements for utilities and protects customers and taxpayers from wholly bearing the costs of devastating wildfires. (Signed by Governor)

ACR 78 - Pacific Gas and Electric Company Bankruptcy
Expresses will of the legislature that PG&E’s bankruptcy must prioritize victims, ratepayers, and any reorganization of PG&E should not jeopardize the state’s safety, energy reliability, and climate change goals. (Enacted)

2019 Budget Victories