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2015 - 2016 Legislation

AB 526 – Summer Cap on Concurrent Enrollment
Allows certain students enrolled in public high schools to take courses in local community colleges. This bill was signed into law.

AB 1696 – Tobacco Cessation
Requires tobacco cessation medications, counseling, and assessments to be covered for Medi-Cal patients and prohibits certain barriers or restrictions that hinder patients from pursuing smoking cessation treatment. This bill was signed into law.

AB 1793 – Contractor License Compliance
Clarifies existing law to ensure that construction firms carrying a blanket contractor’s license do not inadvertently fall out of compliance with the California Contractors’ State License Law (CSLL) because of technical errors occurring as a result of a corporate reorganization or merger. This bill was signed into law.

AB 1835 – Psychoanalysis Training BPPE Exemptions
Clarifies existing law to clearly provide graduate programs in psychoanalysis an exemption to the California Private Postsecondary Education Act, so long as the program enrolls only graduate students already holding a professional license. This bill was vetoed.

AB 2068 – Talent Agency Scams
Helps implement the Talent Scam Prevention Act by expanding the list of communication forms that can be regulated such as computer applications and smartphone apps. This bill was signed into law.

AB 2073 – La Verne Golf Carts
Allows specific entities in La Verne to use golf carts that may exceed the weight and passenger restrictions, under the city’s current exemption of state law. This bill was signed into law.

AB 2148 – Wildlife Protection
Protects wildlife from drones by providing the Natural Resources Agency the ability to develop regulations regarding drone use on publically managed lands. The regulations can include conditional use permitting when necessary to protect the safety of wildlife, natural habitats, or visitors. This bill was vetoed.

AB 2222 – Public Transportation for Students
Establishes the Transit Pass Program which will provide low-cost transit passes for K-12 and college students. This bill was held in Senate Appropriations. 

AB 2248 – Teacher Credentialing
Streamlines the credentialing process and provides greater reciprocity with other states so that highly qualified and experienced teachers can easily teach in California. This bill was signed into law.

AB 2303 – Legacy License Plate Program and Bike Infrastructure
Adds the classic 1980’s “Golden State” license plate design to the California Legacy License plate program and uses proceeds to provide funding for bicycle transportation infrastructure. This bill was held in Assembly Appropriations. 

AB 2364 – Concurrent Enrollment for Undocumented Students
Ensures that undocumented students are able to access concurrent enrollment programs by granting them resident tuition eligibility. This bill was signed into law.

AB 2442 – Affordable Housing
Adds housing for foster youth as a possible criteria for a developer to obtain a Multiple Density Bonus from a local government for constructing housing in that community. This bill was signed into law.

AB 2525 – Water Efficient Landscaping
Creates the California Water Efficient Landscaping (WEL) program that promotes water conservation in urban landscapes. AB 2525 would provide incentives for lawn replacement as a multi-benefits solution that helps the State reach its climate, water and energy goals while saving money and creating jobs for underserved youth. This bill was held in Assembly Appropriations. 

AB 2552 – Clothing Allowance for Approved Relative Caregivers
Provides a clothing allowance, in addition to CalWORKs, for families adopting through the Approved Relative Caregiver program. Adopted in the 2016-2017 Budget

AB 2610 – Securities Regulation
Helps small businesses raise capital by making it easier to take advantage of the Small Corporate Offering Registration. This bill was held in Assembly Banking & Finance. 

AB 2691 – Monthly Property Tax Program
Creates a monthly property tax program to allow seniors, and individuals receiving supplemental security income for a disability, to pay their property tax in monthly installments. This bill was vetoed.

AB 2745 – Healing Arts: Licensing and Certification
Makes clarifying changes to the Business and Professions Code to assist the Medical Board (Board) in its licensing and enforcement functions. This bill was signed into law.

AB 2780 – Fair Employment and Housing Terms
Staggers term lengths of Fair Employment and Housing Council members to maintain institutional knowledge and consistency across long-term projects. This bill was signed into law.