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2017 - 2018 Legislation


AB 533 – 710 Freeway
Removes portion of 710 freeway between the 10 and 210 freeways from the California Freeway and Expressway System. (Held in Senate Transportation and Housing)

AB 813 – Electric Grid Regionalization
Expands California’s power grid to create one regionalized grid with neighboring states. (Held in Senate Rules)

AB 1778 – Tax Increment Funds
Allows cities to keep and use all tax increment funds incurred by a property to develop affordable housing and mixed-use developments. (Held in Assembly Local Government)

AB 2283 – Water Conservation Tax Exclusion
Extends sunset date to January 1, 2024 on certain tax incentives that encourage water conservation. (Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee)

AB 2304 –Transit Pass Study
Directs the Department of Transportation to collect information on local transit pass programs from school districts and transit operators which provide middle school, high school, and college students low or no-cost transit passes. (Held in Senate Rules)

AB 2370 – Day Care Lead Testing
Ensures that drinking water in childcare centers is lead safe. (Signed into law)

AB 2423 – Physical Therapists
Allows a student with a disability to be treated by a physical therapist beyond the 45 day restriction created by recent laws, if required by an Individual Education Program. (Signed into law)

AB 2599 – Expungement Reform
Requires law enforcement to tell a person what expungement or record sealing options are available to them upon release from jail. (Signed into law)

AB 2623 – Minimum Wage Bridge Funding
Extends authority to the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and regional centers to adjust the rates of providers to comply with legally binding local mandates and minimum wage levels across the state. (Solution incorporated into State Budget)

AB 2664 – Court Reporters
Helps ensure accurate record keeping of court proceedings by giving every party a right to a certified shorthand court reporter. (Signed into law)

AB 2705 – Contractor Workers Comp Violations
Increases the statute of limitations to prosecute unlicensed contractors who are employing workers without workers’ compensation insurance from one year to two years. (Signed into law)

AB 2747 – College Athletes
Protects college athletes from abuses by coaches, athletic programs, and college institutional policies that endanger their academic, physical and financial wellbeing. (Held in Senate Appropriations)

AB 2819 – Diversity in Tech Industry
Commissions UC to develop a report on the outreach, recruitment, retention, and promotion of underrepresented groups in leading tech companies to diversify the technology workforce. (Vetoed)

AB 2891 – Concurrent Enrollment
Ensures that students who attend a charter school are able to access concurrent enrollment programs with the goal of developing seamless pathways from high school to community college. (Solution incorporated into State Budget)

AB 2918 – Civil Rights
Requires the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to include information in the California Driver’s Handbook regarding a person’s civil rights during a traffic stop. (Signed into law)

AB 2994 – Grab Bars in Public Restrooms
Codifies building code standards that require grab bars in at least one stall in a restroom. (Vetoed)

AB 3039 – Prison to Employment Initiative
Requires the Department of Social Services to improve their licensing procedure by decreasing bias against well- trained, qualified people that were formerly incarcerated. (Held in Assembly Appropriations)

AB 3146- Oil Well Monitoring
Monitors the emissions of idle and vacant oil and gas wells to improve our tracking towards our Greenhouse Gas Goals. (Died on Assembly Floor)

AB 3199 – Gun Control
Prohibits non-profit organizations and local government entities from including a firearm in a charity raffle. (Held in Assembly Rules)

ACR 250 – Victims Memorial
Renames North Arroyo Blvd Overcrossing to the Arroyo Seco Victims Memorial Overcrossing in respect to six lives lost during Foothill Freeway Collapse of 1972. (Chaptered)


AB 17 – Public Transportation for Students
Establishes the Transit Pass Program to provide free or reduced cost transit passes for low-income K-12 and college students (vetoed).

AB 56 – Affordable Housing
Clarifies projects that support housing infrastructure can receive loans from the Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (signed into law).

AB 61 – Worker’s Compensation
Requires one seat of the State Compensation Insurance Fund to have small business ownership experience (vetoed).

AB 279 – Developmental Disabilities Service Provider Reimbursement Rates
Extends authority to the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and Regional Centers to adjust the rates of providers to comply with legally binding local mandates and minimum wage levels across the state (held in Senate Appropriations).

AB 287 – State Route 710
Finds a solution to the State Route 710 extension corridor between the I-10 and I-210 freeways and prohibits the construction of a freeway tunnel (two-year bill).

AB 542 – Route 66 Commemoration
Commemorates 100th Anniversary of Route 66 (Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee).

AB 586 – Teacher Tax Credit
Allows newly-credentialed teachers a tax deduction for professional development expenses to help address California’s teacher shortage (Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee).

AB 620 – Trauma Informed Parole Therapy
Provides access to trauma focused therapy to youth offenders upon entry to prison and to inmates approaching their parole hearing date (Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee).

AB 726 – Electric Grid Regionalization
Requires the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to accelerate procurement of wholesale renewable energy, and explores expansion of California’s power grid to create one regionalized grid with neighboring states. (Two-year bill).

AB 959 – Regional Center Vendors
Educates parents with special needs children about their rights (signed into law).

AB 1020 – Student Loan Education
Requires student loan lenders to better educate potential clients of the realities of their loan prior to acceptance (two-year bill).

AB 1180 – Storm Water Infrastructure Funding
Amends the LA County Flood Control Act to authorize the LA County Flood Control District to collect revenue from a voter-approved tax to pay for projects and programs to increase storm water capture or reduce storm water and urban runoff pollution (signed into law).

AB 1239 –Electric Vehicles and Housing
Updates building standards to include electric vehicle charging infrastructure for new multi-dwelling housing (vetoed).

AB 1413 –Decal for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Creates an optional decal, depicting the international symbol of access for hearing loss, on the registration card of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing (Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee).

AB 1567 – Foster Youth in Higher Education
Streamlines foster youth enrollment into educational assistance programs in California Community Colleges and a California State Universities (signed into law).

AB 617 – Air Quality (Lead Author)
Strengthens air quality provisions in areas with the worst air pollution (Signed into law with AB 398 that extends California’s Cap and Trade Program).

AB 674 – Election Day Holiday (Joint Author)
Makes the day of the general election a state holiday (Held in Assembly Appropriations Committee).

AB 1008 – “Ban the Box” (Joint Author)
Prohibits employers from asking about an applicant’s criminal history on an initial application. Status: Senate Labor Committee (signed into law).

AB 1665 – Internet for All (Joint Author)
Makes various changes to the California Advanced Services Fund program to provide or improve high speed internet for more Californians (signed into law).

ACR 5 – Martin Luther King, Jr.
Recognizes January 16 as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Chaptered).

ACR 6 – Black History Month
Recognizes February 2017 as Black History Month (Chaptered)