Assemblymember Holden To Welcome Mars Rover “Curiosity” To The State Capitol

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sacramento – Assemblymember Chris Holden (D-Pasadena) will welcome the Mars Rover “Curiosity” to the State Capitol on Monday while honoring the members of the team that brought the Rover to the Red Planet.

As part of Aerospace Week at the State Capitol, Assemblymember Holden will recognize the five team members on the Assembly floor Monday at noon for their role in the flawless entry and landing of Curiosity on the red planet.

“I am very pleased to present these important members of the JPL team who safely delivered Curiosity to the surface of Mars.  It is a technical feat beyond any previous efforts to explore the solar system and I am happy to recognize their important contributions to advancing the search for conditions that might support life on Mars,” said Assemblymember Holden.

The five space engineers being honored are Adam Steltzner, manager of entry, descent and landing; Danny Lam, who led the flight software team; Jennifer Maxwell who worked on missions operations; Justin Maki who led the team that built the navigation and hazard avoidance cameras and Kelly Clarke who supported the building, testing, launch and cruise to Mars.

Caltech, which operates JPL and its mission to Mars, is in Assemblymember Holden’s 41st District. Space enthusiasts can get up close and personal with Curiosity on the West Steps of the Capitol.

Wendy Gordon
Press/Media Relations
Office of Assemblymember Holden