Holden Bill (AB 288) to Provide College-Bound Opportunity for High School Students is on its Way to Governor

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sacramento – Assembly Majority Leader Chris Holden’s measure to promote a college-going culture for underserved high school students today cleared its final legislative hurdle and is now headed for the Governor’s desk.

AB 288-Concurrent Enrollment promises expanded offerings for high school students, allowing them to take more college courses, and be introduced to college-level coursework both on a high school campus and at a community college.

“As recent reports have shown, large numbers of our high school students are simply not ready for college-level work. These students, mostly low-income, need a helping hand,” stated Assemblymember Holden. “AB 288 is going to increase exposure to college-level coursework and college environments by authorizing community college districts to build pathways to career technical education, college-readiness courses, and college-level general education courses that prepare students for college.”

Lawmakers for years have considered expanding dual enrollment, but were unable to get the votes. Assemblymember Holden put together a coalition of educators (led by the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges), legislators on both sides of the aisle (led by Assembly Minority Leader Kristin Olsen), big business, and labor.

Governor Brown has until October 11 to sign AB 288.