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Seniors selected for Young Legislators program

Several SPHS students were selected to be part of the Young Legislators Program organized by California Assemblymember Chris Holden. Seniors Hanwul Choi, Raquel Moreno Ramirez, and Simon Pierce will meet with Holden and about 15 other seniors from neighboring cities each month to discuss policy issues before culminating with a free trip to northern California to visit the Facebook headquarters and state capitol.

Assemblymember Holden started the Young Legislators Program five years ago to give high school seniors an opportunity to gain insight on public policy and the legislative process. The program provides political experience to students regardless of their socio-economic status and teaches leadership and communication skills.

Each month the young legislators will meet for three to four hours to discuss topics such as the future of transportation, infrastructure, science and technology, and how to organize change on a school campus.

Pierce hopes to gain a greater perspective on politics while working alongside Assemblymember Holden.

“I wanted to do this program to grasp a deeper understanding of politics and get help and guidance from my state representative Chris Holden,” Pierce said. “[I also wanted to] learn more about what he has done during his political career and see what potentials lie ahead in my own life, in terms of politics.”

Seniors from Holden’s constituency, California’s 41st assembly district, can apply to be a part of the program by filling out an application on the representative’s website in the fall. The Young Legislators program commences at the Rose Bowl on Jan. 11, 2020, and runs until the northern California trip in late June.