Assemblymember Chris Holden’s Statement on Proposition 209 Repeal Legislation

For immediate release:

Sacramento, CA – Today, the California State Assembly passed ACA 5 authored by Assemblymember Shirley Weber and co-authored by Assemblymember Chris Holden that would amend California’s Constitution by repealing provisions of Proposition 209. Assemblymember Chris Holden issued the following statement:

“Proposition 209 has become a roadblock to equality – quite the opposite of its intended purpose. If recent events do not highlight the systemic way people of color are disadvantaged, I do not know what will. Unfortunately, these systems are so embedded in the fabric of our society that it is hard for most people to see.

We should not punish those that strive to create systemic balance through deliberate hiring and enrollment actions. Overturning California’s ban on programs that promote equal opportunity is long overdue.

From the disproportionate number of black people dying from COVID-19, to the lack of prosecution of police that have killed black men and woman, the need for change is clearer than ever. Repealing proposition 209 is one easy fix.”