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Governor Newsom Signs Assemblymember Holden’s Legislation to Establish Use of Force Training for Private Patrol Operators

For immediate release:

Sacramento, CA - Today, Governor Newsom signed Assemblymember Chris Holden’s legislation, AB 229 that requires use of force training for private security.

“When private security are responsible for the safety of the general public, those private operators must have the proper training in order to apply the appropriate use of force in any particular situation,” said Assemblymember Chris Holden. “We put a lot of attention on our State’s peace officers, but private security, who sometimes are in similar circumstances, need comparable training.”

AB 229 requires the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) to develop curriculum and mandatory training courses on the appropriate use of force for private security service employees in consultation with the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. It also requires private patrol operators to report within seven business days any incidents involving physical altercation with a member of the public requiring any type of first aid or other medical attention, and any physical use of force or violence on any person while on duty.

In 2019, at least two individuals died as a result of deadly force by private security, including Mario Matthews who was restrained face-down on the floor at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, and Angel Zapata Hernández who was restrained at the Santa Fe Depot in San Diego. Both men were held face down with a security guard’s knee on their neck.

“What happened to Mario and Angel is unacceptable, and proper training under the new law will play a big role in avoiding unnecessary harm or death to others,” said Holden.