Assemblymember Holden Bills for Clarity in Public Safety and Security Pass Committee

For immediate release:

Sacramento, CA – Today, Assemblymember Chris Holden’s bill, AB 2515 relating to proprietary security services reporting passed the Assembly Committee on Business and Professions.

Current law requires a person licensed as a private patrol operator, as defined, to deliver to the director a written report describing the circumstances surrounding the discharge of any firearm, or physical altercation with a member of the public while on duty, by a licensee or any officer, partner, or employee of a licensee while acting within the course and scope of their employment within seven business days after the qualifying incident, as specified. Existing law imposes a $2,500 fine for failing to deliver that report. There is nothing to date that requires proprietary private security employers to adhere to the same requirements.

“We need to expedite the safety communication process,” said Assemblymember Holden. “AB 2515 ensures that the right people know what has happened as soon as possible.”

Other bills that moved from the Assembly Committee on Public Safety are AB 2632, which would ban the use of solitary confinement for certain populations including people who are pregnant, have disabilities, or fall within certain age limits and AB 2085, which would address the over surveillance and overrepresentation of families of color in the child welfare system by reforming mandatory reporting requirements.

 “Many times we say where California goes, the example is set for the nation, but we are behind in human rights. Solitary confinement is a vicious attack on the psyche, mandatory reporting that disrupts families is a disservice to families everywhere. These bills promote accountability, safety, and I hope others will see that too,” said Holden.