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Assemblymember Holden’s Public Safety Bill Package Moves Through the Senate

For immediate release:

Sacramento, CA – This week, Assemblymember Chris Holden’s bills passed Senate Policy Committees: AB 2515 relating to proprietary security services reporting, AB 2773, Traffic or pedestrian stops: notification by peace officers, and AB 2085, which would address the over surveillance and overrepresentation of families of color in the child welfare system by reforming mandatory reporting requirements.

AB 2515 passed through Senate Committee on Business & Professions and would require a person registered as a proprietary private security officer to deliver a written report to the director describing the circumstances surrounding the discharge of any firearm, or physical altercation with a member of the public while on duty, in a manner similar to the above-described report required from a person licensed as a private patrol operator.

AB 2773 and AB 2085 passed through Senate Committee on Public Safety. AB 2773 would require a peace officer making a traffic or pedestrian stop, to state the reason for the stop, before asking any questions, unless the officer reasonably believes that withholding the reason for the stop is necessary to protect life or property from imminent threat.

AB 2085 would provide mandatory reporters with clearer guidelines for reporting cases that are legitimately in need of Child Welfare intervention, while reducing trauma for families of color and strain on the Child Welfare System by drawing on more appropriate resources to meet family’s needs.

 “These bills follow up on the public the service we have promised our public and I hope my colleagues see that too.” said Assemblymember Holden.