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Governor Newsom Signs Assemblymember Holden’s AB 257, FAST Recovery Act

For immediate release:

Sacramento, CA - Today, on Labor Day, Governor Newsom signed Assemblymember Chris Holden’s bill, AB-257 Food Facilities and Employment. Assemblymember Chris Holden released the following statement:

“Thank you Governor Newsom for his leadership in signing this landmark labor legislation. Thank you to —The Sponsors SEIU and President Mary Kay Henry-For their innovative and yet common sense design of a new way to ensure marginalized workers have a voice in the workplace. When we say it takes a village, that is not an understatement in recognizing their important contribution to the passage of this bill. Once AB 257 goes into effect, it will have immediate impact on elevating the voice of the fast food worker, by giving them a say in determining work place standards.  Calling out workplace inequities around wages, safety, or issue of harassment and retaliation.  Speaking as a former franchise owner, I would have welcomed this inclusive process that in reality benefits not only the worker but franchisee as well. I remain hopeful the opposition to this bill will give it a chance to work. Given, the final version of the bill removed many expressed concerns of subpoena power and joint-liability. While, strengthening the over-site role of the legislature, providing for equal Sector Council representation and adding a sunset clause to evaluate effectiveness.  As a result, this first in the nation worker protection bill is worthy to become law in California.”