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Assemblymember Chris Holden’s Regionalization Bill Gets Held In Appropriations Committee

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO — Assemblymember Chris Holden’s legislation, AB 538, which would have worked with states across the west to create a regional transmission system that expands the footprint for clean energy resources and enables better collaboration, transparency, and integration across the western electrical grid, was held this week in the Assembly Appropriations Committee, in turn, inspiring collaboration from Governor Gavin Newsom on the issue.

“I’d like to thank Assemblymember Holden for his leadership in the discussions around a Western Regional Transmission Organization. I look forward to our continued work with the Legislature, California stakeholders and our partners in other states to advance this important effort on enhanced regional collaboration that will benefit all the West,” said Governor Gavin Newsom.

The California Independent Systems Operator (CAISO) is the best grid operator in the country with the most experience managing renewable resources like wind and solar, and tracking greenhouse gas resources. In order to ensure energy reliability and achieve our climate goals in California, it is critical we keep working with other states to plan for and deliver clean power across the West.

“Interactions with my colleagues and stakeholders throughout the West persuade me that there is strong and widespread interest in working together on the details of governance and operations for a western regional transmission organization. I’m putting AB 538 on hold for now to allow that to happen. I’m hopeful of rapid progress, opening the way for legislative action at the earliest possible date,” said Assemblymember Chris Holden.